Thursday, 1 January 2015

OUGD601 - Context of Practice 3: Tutorials with Simon

Below are all of the notes I have taken in all of my tutorials with Simon. I have found these tutorials beneficial as I was able to discuss all of my potential ideas and receive constant feedback on them. I thought I would put them all on the same post to illustrate how my ideas have developed over time and formed the end result. 

Tutorial 1

In my first tutorial, I told Simon about the meetings I have had with Tony Scott and Tesco and explained all about Neighbourhood Food Collection and how Tesco ask their customers for donations of food for those who are less fortunate. I explained how the collection box is at the end of the store and that this is something that has potential to change. I also spoke about the idea of creating a campaign which would encourage people to engage with the food collection as soon as they enter the store. This could be achieved by placing a POS display in the entrance with things for people to interact with, perhaps a reusable bag which is used to collect certain foods on the way round to create a full meal for a family. This could also have the meal options on the front. 

I received a lot of feedback and things that I should think about and consider. One thing that was particularly memorable to me, was the idea of creating or presenting an argument for supermarkets to develop a policy within their packaging design to encourage user recycling and sustainability. In contrast, I like the idea of being able to take this idea and alter it slightly, looking at what Tesco already do with Love Food Hate Waste and trying to extend it even further and push the boundaries. 

During this tutorial, I also explained how I had been to Liverpool Business Exhibition over the Summer and how it had got me thinking about bread waste and waste in general. I explained how I had considered designing something to prevent bread waste.

Tutorial 2

This was my initial plan for my essay structure. Simon suggested that I should merge two of the chapters together into one and gave me some advice about what I should include in the essay. I found this really helpful at this stage as it is obviously a long piece of critical writing and therefore requires a lot of planning. 

Simon suggested that I should really start to refine my ideas now and try and come up with something over the next week or so to be able to feedback to him in my next tutorial.

Tutorial 3

During my third tutorial I spent most of the time explaining my practical idea of designing a measuring cone for pasta. I explained how this idea had been pitched to me by Tony Scott, Head of Waste Prevention in Merseyside. He had said that Love Food Hate Waste will probably be looking for a pasta measure at some point, as they already have one for spaghetti but they don't cater for all of the different types of pasta. I really liked this idea and felt enthusiastic about it.

When I asked Simon for feedback on the idea, he seemed enthusiastic and told me that I should experiment further with the idea. At this stage however, I was unsure about this concept and felt as though I would have to put a lot more thought into it before considering it as my final option. I think this is because it is very closely related to product design and I haven't had much experience in this area. With that in mind, I did like the fact that it would be a challenge and would be something different!

Tutorial 4

This tutorial had been arranged for two days before the submission, so I asked whether it could be changed to the week before to give me longer to work on it. Luckily this was fine. Below are the questions and queries I had relating to my essay. We sat for about half an hour whilst Simon printed and read through my essay. He suggested that I should focus more on the word 'potential' in the final chapter and discuss the potential for graphic designers in the food industry, in more depth. 

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