Friday, 28 February 2014

OUGD503 Responsive - Design Process 2: Droplet Research

I decided to research into some secondary online research to see if I could come across any examples where a droplet has been on packaging or to form the packaging shape itself. I have managed to find quite a few examples and I am now beginning to question whether it is original enough as an idea.  

OUGD503 Responsive: Design Process 2: Champneys (Primary Research)

I am using this blog post to record all of the primary research I find and document how it has influenced my design decisions.

When I went home my mum had bought some Champneys products so I took some photographs for inspiration. 

I noticed on these bath salts that a curved line has been used to separate the image from the window on the inside illustrating the bath salts. 

Elemis also incorporate a similar shape in their logo but this time in their typography. 

I received an email from Boots representing Champneys products and thought this could give me inspiration for a possible email design or magazine layout.

When I visited The White Company at another time I found this crate above one of the shelves and really love how it has been used for display purposes.

Issy and I went to Clas Ohlson to do some research into containers and we came across some bottles which are perfect to use. We split the cost evenly and bought them. 

Below are some examples of how wine has been showcased in Marks and Spencer using a wooden box container. 

Over the past couple of weeks I have been collecting promotional materials for more inspiration. 

Below is an example of how Tesco have used a droplet symbol to 

I collected magazine layouts with Champneys offers inside so that I could use them for inspiration at a later date.